Current version of integrated MOH patch: 0.0.6

Step 1: Extract tarfile linked above into your * source directory (current CVS-HEAD)
Step 2: Apply patch file extracted named: "asterisk-moh.diff"
Step 3: make clean
Step 4: make
Step 5: edit your /etc/asterisk/musiconhold.conf to have the same syntax as listed in configs/musiconhold.conf.sample
Step 6: make install

Upgrade to 0.0.x:
Step 1: Extract tarfile linked above into your * source directory (current CVS-HEAD)
Step 2: make
Step 3: make install

Please let me know how it goes, either by posting to the bug at, emailing me at or by contacting me in irc (my nick is Death_INC)


Version 0.0.6 - 29 Apr 04
  • Updated to work with current CVS

  • Version 0.0.5 - 19 Apr 04
  • Moved some defines to the top of their subroutines for clarity (Thanks, Steve Murphy)

  • Cleaned up some parsing in mp3.c

  • Slightly optomized mpglib

  • Version 0.0.4 - 17 Apr 04
  • Corrected "Scratchy sound" problem - was telling libresample we were at EOF before EOF

  • Version 0.0.3 - 16 Apr 04
  • Cleaned up more code with the help of valgrind - wasn't getting a file closed, and wasn't freeing a buffer

  • Version 0.0.2 - 15 Apr 04
  • Located problem that was causing segfaults, apparently it helps to not write past the end of the buffer

  • Version 0.0.1
  • Initial code - segfaults prevalent

  • BUGS

  • Occasional reports of a pause in the audio output stream - need a buffer
  • TODO

  • Get the patch properly tested by multiple people
  • Add more formats, or make it support * formats and port existing formats to * codecs and formats
  • Add URL support
  • Fix minor bug in mpglib - causes reads of uninitialized values (layer3.c lines 1954 and 1955, region is allocated but not initialized)

  • Add more config options so we can have a file played between each song
  • On the fly updating of list of songs - between each song? - prefer CLI command
  • Add a buffer of a configurable size (1MB default?)